Refund Policy

A. Company provides a 3(Three) Day refund for all the courses that You Opt for on the Website for the first time. If you exercise this refund option, Company shall return the requisite amount to You using the same payment details that were shared by You at the time of registration. In addition, you will not be eligible to claim a refund, if you watch more than 20% of our content.

B. Otherwise than in accordance with clause A, an Order once placed and executed shall not be cancelled under any circumstances. While You can opt for deactivation of Your account at any time, You won’t be issued a refund unless required by Applicable Law and except in our sole discretion;

C. All the Services provided by the Company are based on their knowledge and technical expertise. No cancellation can be sought on the grounds that the Services of the Company did not meet the expected standards of. Even otherwise, cancellation and refund is at the sole discretion of the Company;

D. The Company uses Third Party payment gateways to charge your account for the Payments. The processing of such payments shall always be subject to terms and conditions and privacy
policy of these payment gateways.

E. Where the Website or the payment gateway that is linked to the Website experiences any server issues like slowdown/failure/session timeout, in such cases You are required to check if Your account has been debited before initiating second payment;

F. Refund for multiple payments, if any, due to errors mentioned above and where multiple payments have been made shall be refunded in full. The Website shall only retain cost of one single order as intended to be placed by You.